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Prototyping a Computer Algebra System in Go

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The Webinterface

» Description

It was time for my bachelor thesis and I was thinking about the topic. At this time I was totally hyped by Go (and I’m still), so I wanted to find something related. As I am always curious how things work, I wanted to research a calculator with simple algebraic operations and a web interface based on Bootstrap. Of course, this was highly inspired by all students favourite Wolfram Alpha ;-)

» The good

I figured out, how these calculators work and my curiosity is kind of satisfied ;-)
In the end, the magic keyword is “Abstract Syntax Tree”, which is also related to compiler construction (which I did not have in university)

» The bad

Retrospectively, I had taken too little time on the whole, especially for the research in the beginning. It was too much of agile development, which is not a good approach for a thesis ;-) I definitely wanted to use Go for the project, but functional programming languages such as Haskell might be a better fit for the job.

» Technologies used

Go, Bootstrap


Github Repository

(This post was written in February 2018. I finished my bachelor in February 2016 and the date of this post was set accordingly, to have a correct chronological order of all projects.)

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