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Init I/O - Blog

sometimes more a collection of notes than a blog

Introducing jellyctl

Introducing Calculon

Go bits

Introducing Kubedump

Replacing Docker Desktop with Podman Desktop on macOS

$tool bits

MySQL bits

Bash bits

Python bits

Introducing Confible

Python astral library ported to Go

Kubernetes bits

Deploy a free Kubernetes cluster in the cloud

Docker bits

Quick Tip: Simulate a bad network connection on macOS (and Linux)

Quick Tip: Hiding changes of specific folders in GitLab merge requests

Working with CSV datasets in Go

Using reCAPTCHA with Go

Installing FFmpeg on Mac

Introducing review-bot.com

Get the SonarQube Quality Gate status for the current commit

Quick Tip: Profiling Java/Tomcat inside Docker with VisualVM

Retrying specific code on an Exception/Error in Java

Converting Calendar, Date, LocalDate, LocalDateTime and Timestamps in Java

Introducing Review-Bot

Input from stdin and argument in Go

Introducing epoch

Introducing multicode

Introducing dbbench

Writing a simple shell in Go

Deploy Go code to Heroku with GitLab CI

Web development with Go

Real-Time Anomaly Detection in Time Series Data Streams

Geoinformatics and QGIS

Android App: Call Logger and Recorder

Prototyping a Computer Algebra System in Go

Writing a Port Scanner

Ordinary Differential Equation library for Go

Android App: Notification To Speech

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